Brands are a powerful tool to protect your brand identity and distinguish it from others. They can be used to protect logos, logos, words, designs, symbols or any combination of these items. Brands help companies create an identity and give them a competitive advantage in the market. They also provide legal protection against encroachment by competitors and help build trust with customers. Uses of Brand Trademark determines who is the trademark owner of a particular product or service. The trademark can be used by other people under licensing agreements; Unauthorized use of the brand through the production and trade of counterfeit consumer goods is called brand hacking. The trademark owner can carry out legal proceedings against infringement of trademark rights. Most countries require an official trademark registration, as a prerequisite for carrying out this type of legal process. GCC, the United States, Canada and many other countries recognize the General Trademark Rights Act, which allows action to be taken to protect an unregistered trademark if used. However, the General Trademark Act generally offers its owner, less legal protection than registered trademarks. The importance of trademark registration -To distinguish the quality of industrial, commercial, service and other products and whether this label belongs to a food or service product or what then the distinction of this product belongs to the factory A. This label belongs to the experimenter and that mark belongs to the service provider C and distinguish the quality and ingredients between one product and another. -It creates care by producers for the quality of their products and brands to cultivate consumer confidence. -It is also important to register a brand to know the quality of a brand and distinguish it from others. -as well as to prevent imitation, fraud and fraud on the end consumer. -The importance of brand registration as a very important means of advertising products, services and others also stems. If you need a shiny company to build your brand you are in the right place How can you make real connections in a noisy world? SOURCE Media Solution brings together multidisciplinary support teams to meet the great challenge facing today’s brands. We build ready digital brands that are authentic, unique in type and quality, difficult to forget, and deeply compatible with their audiences You can communicate directly through:​Follow us on InstagramFollow us on Twitter

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